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Yankee Stadium, 2011 by Michael Cuddyer

Michael Cuddyer has taken and posted hundreds of pictures while traveling with the Twins. Check out Cuddyer’s Flikr photostream HERE.

The Wives of Twins Players Prepare for Home Opener

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Three large plastic tubs full of household supplies sit in Brian and Lisa Duensing’s garage all winter long, just waiting for that time when Opening Day comes around again.

A few days before the Twins officially broke camp in Fort Myers, Fla., Lisa Duensing flew back home to Omaha, Neb., to pack up the couple’s truck — which included those three tubs — and then made the nearly six-hour drive to the Twin Cities to set up the couple’s in-season home.

While the Twins made their final preparations for the regular season on the playing field in Fort Myers, there are many things that must take place behind the scenes. Those are equally important in getting the players ready for another year of baseball.

For the wives of the players on the Twins’ 25-man roster, Opening Day means shifting life back to the place they call home during the season and pretty much getting things settled on their own.

“I try to get everything set up for when Brian gets there because it’s not like he has time to settle in,” Lisa Duensing said. “All of a sudden it has to be his home for the next six months, and the team has to play the next day in Minneapolis. So there really isn’t much time for him to do that.”

The Twins began this season on the road, so there is a little more time for some of the wives to get things settled.

Claudia Cuddyer has been through the process of getting ready for the season a number of times. Her husband, Michael Cuddyer, is currently the Twins’ longest-tenured player. The Cuddyers spend their offseason in Virginia and have a 2-year-old son named Casey.

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Win! Don’t Be Denied

La Velle E. Neal – Star Tribune:

FORT MYERS, FLA. – It’s become an annual rite of spring training. Players will come in after a workout and find T-shirts made by Michael Cuddyer slung over the backs of the chairs in front of their stalls. The shirts would include Cuddyer’s catch phrase for the season.

This year’s T-shirt has “WIN” on the front and “Don’t be denied” on the back.

“I’m tired of being denied,” Cuddyer said.

Cuddyer broke into the majors in 2001 and started in the 2002 playoffs after being called up on Aug. 30 that season. So, yes, Cuddyer has been on the field for all 12 games of the Twins’ postseason losing streak.

“There are so many things that can go into it,” Cuddyer said. “But the ultimate goal is to don’t be denied winning. If everyone has that mentality in the situation that they are in– don’t be denied — I’d like to think that we will be all right.

“I don’t care how it’s done,”

Changing Faces and Places

Jon Krawczynski of the Associated Press wrote a feature on Michael and how the look of the Minnesota Twins has changed over the years.  Michael is the only remaining member of the Twins team that won the AL Central Title in 2002.

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