Michael Cuddyer on Overcoming Injuries

There are not very many constants in Major League Baseball. It’s the only sport where the field of play is different depending on which city the team is playing in. There is a different umpire calling balls and strikes every night. It’s the only sport where there is no time limit and a game, in theory, could last forever. Heck, these days it is very rare to even see a team wear the same uniform two days in a row! There is, however, one constant: injuries.

Some teams are lucky and have only a handful of players land on the disabled list.  That doesn’t include the 90 percent of the other guys who play hurt. Some teams really get bit with the injury bug and lose just about all of their regulars throughout the season, like the 2010 Red Sox. It didn’t matter who they put out on the field, it seemed like they were doomed from the get-go. That is an extreme case of injuries, but it is a reality when teams must endure a 162-game season.

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